Friday, March 30, 2012

40 bags in 40 days

Here we are at Week 6! Can you believe it? For those of you following along or giving up "clutter"for Lent with us. Here is my Week 6 update. This week I tackled my kitchen. Which was a much smaller project then previous weeks. But...the clutter was there! I cleared out my cupboards and silverware drawer. I got 2 walmart bags full of baby food out and freecycled them! And also threw away a half a bag of trash. Then I tossed another half garbage bag full of trash from the fridge!

Bye Bye Baby food!!

Organized and clean


Then I moved on to my 3 killer junk spots in my kitchen. And cleared them out! My two buffets and the top of my microwave also attract junk. All kinds of papers, mail, garbage, toys, on and on...







2 full garbage bags full of trash from those 3 places! Thank Heavens!! Now...I really need a better organizing system, or else those spots are just going to get cluttered again. lesast for now they are clear!

Total for this week 5 bags!!

2 bags donated/freecycled
3 bags of trash

Total project so far:

46 bags!

One week to go my friends. :) This upcoming week I'll be working on TOYS TOYS and MORE TOYS.

I still have half my basement to do. That will never get done this week though. So, I have to allow myself the thought of being happy and proud of the 46 bags (so far) gone and not concentrate on the other bags that remain. Hopefully after Easter I can still keep working on it. Maybe it will take 60 days and not 40. LOL Work, School, and of course kids keep me busy enough.

Head over to and check out the other accomplishments that people are working on! It's so great to see each week progress with everyone.

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