Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Try it Tuesday: Kool Aid Colored Eggs!

So it's Tuesday again! And since Easter is right around the corner I thought I would "Try" the Kool aid Colored eggs that I have found on Pintrest! there are quite a few different pins about coloring your eggs with Kool-Aid. So I just picked one to get the general idea and Brother Baer and I experimented.

So...We started with 5 colors. Red (Cherry), Purple (Grape), Blue (Blue Raspberry), Yellow (Lemonade) and Orange (Orange)

We mixed one packet of Kool-aid with a half a cup of water and stirred them up! then set the eggs in to see what happened.

The yellow....Didn't work at all. Nothing. No color to it at all. The rest seemed to color pretty good. The purple is a bit more "brown" looking to me. Very very dark purple I suppose.

Brother Baer loved the Blue ones. And I really love the red ones! It was fun and really easy. They also smelled really good while coloring.

Putting them together with the other eggs we colored with food coloring and vinegar....They all look good and colorful! No real difference.

Some of our eggs have some crazy markings... But the little ones helped and they are adorable. You can see the purple eggs and how dark they look...not really a bright and cheerful egg.

So....That's it for Try it Tuesday! They worked and it was fun! I'm sure we could do some fun mixing of colors too and make up some awesome colors!!

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