Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Try it Tuesday: Corndog Muffins

I've been trying out a lot of different things from Pintrest and thought I would share them here each week. you can find out what works....and what doesn't work...and some tips on making them a success. Have something you want me to try? Let me know and I'll do it! Have something you tried? Share it with me.
So this week I tried the Corndog Muffins. My kids love corndogs and I must admit...I do too. Especially from the fair all deep fried and fatty. This recipe is baked, so it's at least a tiny bit healthier. LOL Although I have to admit, not much. There are some things you can do to change it though to make it healthier...turkey dogs and omitting the cheese. But, here is what I did:
I started by following the recipe from this site I found on Pintrest:
I followed the directions...sort of. ;) The basic principal stayed the same I just changed things up a little.
First....cubed up 6 oz of cheddar cheese. I cut them small! (You could use shredded, but likely wouldn't get the chunks of cheesy taste)
Then I chunked up 6 hot dogs. To make them small enough for my little kiddos to not choke I sliced them long ways and then while holding the hot dog together I sliced them. So...no circles left to choke on. then mixed those with the cheese chunks.
then I mixed up 2 packs of Jiffy Mix cornbread muffins mixes, following the directions on the box. then mixed everything together. The batter is thick enough that the hotdogs and cheese do not sink in the batter and they mixed up very nicely!
I used my ice cream scoop (also Pampered Chef. lol) to put the mix into my muffin pans. I sprayed them first with non stick spray. It made exactly 24 perfect sized muffins.
I baked them at 350 degrees for about 18 mins. Till they were golden brown. And that's it! Super easy and quick.
Seriously....Awesome! The kids loved them. they did taste like corndogs and they were a big hit. I could have halved the recipe though....We had over half left over, which is ok. We will eat them for lunches this week. They heat up nice! (Tried that today) and seemed to hold their taste and consistency in the microwave which is a bonus.

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