Saturday, March 10, 2012

Home Office Makeover!

In an effort to create MORE livable space for us I have been working on making our basement fully functioning! I've been doing this along with my Lent project of giving up STUFF for Lent. My friend Ann Marie over at is doing the 40 bags in 40 days project and I've been playing along too.
I, of course have more stuff then the average Baer. SO....This 40 in 40 project has been a long process of not really organizing little spaces but more organizing BIG spaces and clearing out my massive amounts of clutter. I've reached 36 bags now (In less then 20 days) And I'm trying to focus on each specific area and not worry about the big picture. Because mostly, I'm overwhelmed.
I've done the laundry area and the bar area in the basement. My next project was my home office. I run a non profit from my home. And my paperwork and work space needs to be organized. And honestly, I'm awful at this part. So THIS project was big...big!!!
Now before I show you the "before" picture you must hear the new Gieco commercial with the teenage girls saying...
EEEWWW, Really? So Gross"
"Really Dude? EEEWWW? That's so gross"
Seriously. I had no desire to work down here, be down here, or even look down here. Just when you think you've seen the worst of my clutter I show you more. LOL I couldn't stand to sit down there and work. Or do anything really. So dark, dreary, and such messy. UGH
So...I worked yesterday and today on this space. Repurposed a TON of stuff from other areas in my house and here it is now:

Isn't it Pretty! I'm totally loving the space now!!
I bought two 3 shelf units from Target and then two of the 8 cube units. I laid them on their side and stacked the shelves on top. Creating a "wall" I then added some Cafe rods with Shower Curtains....Totally Target too! Shower curtains were way cheaper then actual curtains and I loved the color. I needed bright colors and something to liven up the space. That's all I needed to buy. Everything else was brought from other areas of my house.
I can really find myself hanging out down here!

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