Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homemade No Sew Dragon Costume

Homemade No Sew Dragon Costume
Along the Fairy Tale Line (see other Blog posts for the Knight, Princess and Castle) Little Baer was a Fierce Dragon!
although he didn't look very Fierce he sure was adorable!
This Costume was really super easy and can be made literally in an afternoon! With no sewing and for less than $15.00
Black Hooded Sweatshirt with Zipper
Felt in desired colors (I choose purple and green)
Spray adhesive
Fabric Glue
Wings (I bought a bat at the dollar tree)
I glued the wings to the back of the sweatshirt (I actually had to remove the "bat" body from the wings with wire cutters.
Then I used felt pieces to cut the spikes to go down the back of the costume. I cut 2 pieces and glued them together at the spikes leaving enough space at the bottom to "open" the 2 pieces to then glue them to the sweathirt. Once the spikes were glued to the back and top of head I used the spray adhesive to stiffen them and make them stand up better. to have them flow down the head of the sweatshirt you will need to cut the felt in different spots to create more of a "bowl" the easiest thing to do is to actually place the hood of the sweatshirt over top of an upside down bowl to form as a head would be.
Cut your scaled out of felt. You will need A LOT.
you will want enough scales to cover the front of the sweatshirt, down the back (to cover the felt where you glued it) and the tail completely. So I decided on triangle scales. But half circle ones would be great as well!
Once you cut them cut out just glue them onto the sweatshirt. remember to place something in between the fabric so you aren't glueing the fabric together.
Once the front is dry you can do the back!
I covered the green spikes with purple scales down each side. and over the wings. Once all the scales are glued I sprayed a layer of spray adhesive over top of the entire thing! then let dry as you construct the tail.
To construct the tail I cut from cardboard the shape and length I wanted. Then simply covered it with scales using the same technique. I used the same spikes for the top of the tail as I did down the back. And I left about 4 inches of felt at the top of the cardboard so that I could attach to his body. I'm telling you fabric glue is my friend!!! I then spray it with the spray adhesive as well. Once the tail is dry I simply cut a few holes about 4 inches from the top of the tail (In the extra fabric you left) and then feed thick ribbon through and tie around the waist underneath the costume.
I then just put black pants on him and he was DONE!
Super easy and super cheap to add to our fairy tale!!
See the other blog posts for the entire Fairy Tale Collection! Totally New Sew and totally Frugal! (I don't wanna be cheap... LOL)

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  1. I came across your post while google searching for easy dragon costume ideas. I don't sew at all, and I used your ideas to great success. Thanks!