Monday, October 10, 2011

It's all about me!

Why I blog?
So I am not the best blogger out there. I don't really have a message of importance to get out. I don't really offer anything creative or important. So Some people wonder...Why blog? So here's the answer.
It's all about me. :)
Yup that's it. it's all about me. I spend my days (and nights) handling everything for everybody. I talk about therapy and IEP's and poop and vomit for every living creature in my home. I manage everyone's problems and fix them if I can. I am the finder of Stuff. The doer of the work. I am the driver and scheduler. I listen to people tell me their problems when they call to chat. I "care" about what they say. No one actually wants to hear what I say. No one actually cares to listen. I mean, not in a bad way....But telling your 6 year old about what's happening in your world is pretty much...useless. As he doesn't care. And the babies care even less.
So...I Blog. I Blog so I can talk about myself. All the time. I can talk about the subject I want to talk about. Without being interrupted and the subject changed into something THEY want to talk about. Or if I complain here that my back hurts....The Blog God's don't announce their back hurts WORSE. If I'm depressed....The Blog God's don't tell me well THEY are seriously depressed and want to die. If I say I need help the Blog God's don't say....I need MORE help.
So there. I said it. It's all about me. It's all about me. It's all about me.
Well.....It's about me in my made up fairy tale world known as Blogging. Here in Real life it's not ever about me. so, indulge me my Blogger Friends. And Blog God's. Indulge me and let me pretend that it's all about me. :0)

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