Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Give Up on Him

So, as everyone knows Brother Baer has Autism, and with Autism comes a host of issues that are just sometimes to much for anyone to handle. I get he's hard....Really I do. But here is what I would like to write to the school system who has continually pushed him aside:
Dear School District,
I know my son is a tough cookie. But he's not bad. He has Autism. There's a HUGE difference. And being a child with autism he needs stability and structure more than anything. So throwing him away when he gets to be too much isn't something I feel you should be allowed to do. I know it's hard, trust me.
When you tell me how he bolts from you and you had to chase him down the hallway, I tell you how I have to chase him down the parking lot while pushing a buggy full of babies and groceries.
When you tell me he head butted his aid in the jaw and she had to go to the hospital, I tell you that I get head butted, kicked, hit, and punched on a daily basis.
When you tell me that you worry about the safety of other children and staff, I tell you I worry about my safety and my babies safety.
When you tell me you need help, I tell you SO DO I. I have stood in front of doctors and cried for someone, anyone, to help me help him. I have been to every kind of therapy and every kind of doctor you can imagine.
When you tell me ANYTHING....ANYTHING....I have already seen it. Already lived it. And already knew how awful it is.
But, he can't control himself. This is where you come in. The professionals. The therapists. The Doctors and those who have swore to Never leave a Child Behind. No child Left Behind should include every child. Every single child. Regardless of their cuteness or ability.
I am just a mom. A Mom that only wants the absolute best for my son. The same as I want the best for my others. I know he isn't as "lovable" as my son with Down Syndrome. Brother Baer is kind of like hugging a rock. He doesn't have that shining light in his eyes to make you warm and fuzzy. I get that. But, he's a good boy. A loving and caring brother. He's honest to a fault, he's smart and will be something someday. As long as YOU don't give up on him.
I don't have the choice to you take him he's to hard for me. and I don't think it's fair that you can. He deserves to be valued. To be granted the same love, understanding and dedication that you wanted to give to children when you became a teacher.
And most importantly. He deserves to have someone. Hopefully a team of someones...that will say....No Matter What. No Matter How Hard. I will not give up on you. Because you are worthy. You are God's child. And that makes you worthy of my love and commitment.
Please consider that when deciding to throw him off to someone else again.

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