Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trunk or Treat Castle Theme

Trunk or Treat Castle Theme!
For Halloween this year we did a Fairy Tale Land Theme. Complete with the Castle for Trunk or Treat. If you want to know how to create the Knight, Princess and Dragon costumes check out the other blog posts!
This will tell you how to create your "Castle" design for the back or your SUV, mini van, truck or even a trunk.
This was super easy and literally cost less than $10.00 to create! (Could be less!!!)
I took a trifold Cardboard display (one you
would use for a science project. Now I had
this at home so I spent nothing. You could
use cardboard to reduce the cost as well. But
this cost about $8.00 when bought new!)
I cut the top with a box cutter to the shape I wanted. You could go fancy, I didn't. Just simple castle shapes. I also cut the door on the top and both sides but left the bottom in tact for the draw birdge) then I spray painted the whole thing with silver paint. Once dry I used a marker to draw on the stone. I bought 3 ft of light chain. ($3.58 total) and attached the chains on both sides of the draw bridge. I used wooden skewers and attached red felt to the tops as the flags and stuck them into the cardboard at the top! The great thing about the trifold is that it can be adjusted with the actual size of your "trunk" and there was no need to measure. If you have only cardboard I would just measure the space you need it to fill and then cut from there!!!
I attached the chains with some hardware I stole from papa Baer's work bench (shhh!!!!) and it worked perfectly!
Here is everyone together ready to go!!!!
I did put the candy inside the Castle and the kids
could reach into the draw bridge to retrieve their candy!
With a super small budget and a desire to make a big impact I designed and created the 3 costumes and the Castle for the Trunk for less than $50.00 for EVERYTHING!!!!

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  1. this is great! I am going to try making the castle for our church's trunk or treat. Thanks!