Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's all fun and games till....

Baseball is over for the fall. Brother Baer got his trophy and had a blast! So what to do now...
Well Here we are. Brother Baer is joining the pack! WOOT WOOT! He is officially a boy scout. A Tiger Cub Scout to be exact. And it was super fun going to the first meeting and finding out all the fun stuff they do......until...
I have to shell out $65.00 to join. And now have to shell out another $70.00 for a uniform. (That he will only use most of for 1 year.)
Then we are given the popcorn papers to sell. And that stuff is NOT CHEAP. Not at all.
Then we are given his first badge work. The bobcat. WOOHOO!!! This is fun I think. Badge work. Oh but wait....I have to work on having him memorize and learn all these rules and secrets and hand shales and salutes. *sigh*
And then I
I have to sew. Sew those patches and badges and council numbers on the shirt. AND to top that off there are actual measurements to follow....4 inches from the top here....blah blah blah. Really? Don't they know I don't sew. UGH.
Trunk or Treat should be fun though. Except now I have to finish all 3 costumes 11 days earlier then I planned. AND figure out how to decorate the car. (Because this is apparently something we must do to be cool) and get candy. And all this other stuff.
So now I have signed myself up for massive amounts of work that I really didn't need and Brother Baer can't even do. It's like my job....So here I am. Signed up and ready to be a Boy Scout. Just what I always wanted.
They are only young once right? :) ACK!

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