Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homemade No Sew Knight Costume

Homemade No Sew Knight Costume
This year I decided to create a fairy tale land with the kids for Trunk or Treat.
First I made Brother Baer into an awesome Brave Knight. totally no sew! (As I don't sew. lol) Little Baer became a Fierce Dragon and Baby Baer was transformed into a beautiful princess. (Although she's a princess everyday I think)
The SUV was transformed into the Castle of the land.
This post will explain how to create the Knight Costume. For the others check out other posts.
Supplies Needed:
Cardboard box
1 yard Fleece (I choose red)
1 tee shirt in matching color (craft section for $3.99)
Self Adhering Foam pieces in matching colors
Felt in matching colors
Glitter Glue (silver)
Silver Spray Paint
2 foot of rope
Jewel Embellishments
helmet and arm protectors (bought at dollar tree)
1 yard of silver metallic material (armor on neck)
duct tape
I started by created our "crest" The family crest will follow throughout. I decided on a cross. I cut the crests out of foam board and felt (Felt for the cape, foam board for the tunic and the sheild) I embellished each crest with glitter glue and jewels. (Bought at dollar tree)
The crests for the cloak was done and allowed to dry prior to glueing them to the cloak.
I used a large crest for the back of cloak. And 2 smaller crests for the front of the cloak (on each side) one small crest for the sword and one large crest for the sheild. And finally a large crest for the tunic (red shirt)
Make sure while glueing everything into place you place a piece of cardboard in between the shirt so the fabric doesn't glue together!
While the crests are drying you can work on cutting the sheild and sword out of the cardboard. I used a box and just drew the sheild and sword out freehanded and then cut it out with a box cutter. Then you can spray paint the pieces with the silver paint. It took 2 layers of spray paint and of course make sure you paint both sides!
Everything can dry at the same time! While you work on your cloak!
To finish off the sheild and sword I used duct tape to wrap the handle of the sword and used duct tape to create a handle on the back of the sheild. If you tape a few pieces of duct tape together (sticky side to sticky side) you can have a strip to tape onto the back side of sheild and can be used as a handle. Just leave enough loose to hang onto with your hands.
The duct tape around the sword handle just finishes it off.
To create the cloak I used the one yard of fleece
and rounded the egdes off to create a more cape
/cloak effect on the top. I left the bottom straight. I also made a vee shape at the top
of the fleece in the center. Once it is cut to shape you can fold down and glue the upper edge. Leaving a "rod space" as to thread the rope through. The vee in the center will allow you to have an opening so that when you feed the rope through you have a half way point to grab and continue feeding. Once the top is dry feed the rope through and then glue your crests on.
I purchased the helmet and arm armor from the dollar store and then just added the red feather on the top of the helmet.
And it's done! add a pair of black pants to the costume and you have a really awesome homemade, no sew costume for LESS than $20.00 and 1 (or 2) days of work!!!!!!

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