Saturday, October 29, 2011


Camping - Baer Style
My life has been a bit on the crazy side this week (OK crazier than usual) I had surgery and was in the hospital and now I'm "man down" I can't lift my kids or lift anything. I am basically useless. LOL And at the mercy of everyone else. Which, being the *crazy control freak* Super mom I am is really really hard.
I hate this. But one of the fun things that came from the week is Papa Baer camping with the kids. Family fun night was just them with me watching this time.
Papa Baer moved the furniture and built tents in the living room. Gathered flashlights and a camping latern and they all played in the tents. Baby Baer and Little Baer of course loved it and had a blast. Brother Baer enjoyed himself too as he chased the babies in and out and around and around.
Brother Baer is all about "Family Fun nights" these days and can't wait to have them. The simple things like building a tent and camping in the living room are things that memories are made of.
So, as I sat here watching them enjoying the camping fun I remember what amazing little kiddos I have. And how much they love their daddy and their papa Baer time. They don't need lots of toys and expensive presents. Just time...And it's so fun to watch them grow and learn all the fun things they do when you sit and enjoy the fun.
And sometimes, when you let go and let others decide the fun things to do you move furniture around and do silly things. And that's totally awesome in my book! maybe I should relax and let go more often.

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