Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out, Out, and Away

Well my friends, Here is my weekly check in with my 40 bags in 40 days project that I'm doing with my amazing blogger friend Ann Marie over at (Yes I know...I'm marching to the beat of my own drum, it's not Friday yet.) I've been chugging along on my 40 in 40 project and honestly....I'm feeling AWESOME! Seriously, the weight is being lifted and my mind is getting clearer with each and every bag I rid.
Now, of course we already decided I was sadly advanced in the department of "clutter". I seem to have an extra ordinary amount of stuff. And so my massive purge isn't a typical purge within the 40 in 40 project. BUT...for me, it's really just the beginning. I keep looking at others pictures and thinking to myself....I am SO FAR from being that clearfree of clutter. I have such a long way to go to be able to have a space that is free of clutter. Even if it's a small space.
But...I'm a work in progess. :) And happily I'm getting there. One box at a time. I try not to look at everyone elses spaces and concentrate on mine. LOL
Here is my awesome completion for the week.
and after:

YAY!!!! Another portion of my basement is cleared!!! I'm so excited. It's so refreshing to walk down into the basement and not immediately see JUNK.
And since my laundry room was last weeks big project....
I now have HALF of a basement that I can feel good about. I have also added some more shelves and storage solutions in my laundry area:
And I love using my folding table for my laundry.
Along with THAT project, I also cleared out another bag of trash and another box of donations from my kitchen. On Sunday I delivered ANOTHER 10 bags/boxes to Thrift King:

Plus I have another pile started for this Sunday's delivery! (And I'm pretty sure the garbage men are going to hate me soon. LOL)

SO...Total Project is looking like this:

22 bags donated

3 bags sold

6 bags of trash

Totaling 31 bags so far!!

I gotta say. The selling part....I give up. I have realized I just can't keep the stuff around and hold onto it waiting for it to sell. only to make a small dollar on it anyways. So...that part of my plan has been stratched. And I'm all about ridding out....getting it gone....ASAP.

So...That's what is happening here! 31 bags down...and lord know how many more to go. LOL (Certainly more then 9. That I know for sure!)

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