Friday, March 23, 2012

WOOHOO!!! It's Finally Friday! I've been working on the 40 bags in 40 days project with my blogger friend Ann Marie over at And every Friday we link up all our awesome progress for the week!

The idea really stems from Giving up "Stuff" for Lent. To Spring Clean and purge all the stuff that weighs us down. Giving us a chance to live a simplier, more free life! Clutter around here never seems to end. And this week was really no exception. I seemed to be taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back this week.

It seemed that I brought more into the house then I purged. I did clean out my car! Cleared out all the winter junk that accumulated...hats, gloves, toys, on and on....So cleared out my car...but brought 3 bags of stuff INTO the house. *sigh* It's really not supposed to work that way. LOL But Everything that came in found a home, so that's a plus I suppose. and I did get one bag of trash!

Then I gave away Baby Baer's infant seat with 2 bases. YAY!!!! That counts as one. right? I surely don't need it anymore and it was taking up space. Then I gave away a bag of dresses of baby baer's to a friend...WOOT WOOT...that's 3!

Then came the migration. Winter clothes out and summer clothes in. Here is what I cleared out of Baby Baer's drawers and closet:

Nice Clean and empty drawers to fill up with cute summer stuff (I did save a few outfits out just in case Mother Nature decides to stop taking her meds.) Seriously...Summer clothes out and being used in March? In Pittsburgh? AMAZING!

and her other drawer:

Then I rid the boys drawers out. All together I got 4 bags of clothing from winter gone. I passed along the 3 bags from the boys to two of my friends for their kids. And got 1 bag back! LOL So...3 given away, 1 given back.

I still have Baby Baer's bag of clothing. Hoping to find a home for them with a friend. If not they will go to Thrift King. (My pile is bigger now! 7 bags ready to take to Thrift King)

I then gained a bag of Summer clothes for Baby Baer for next year...So again....3 bags gone, 2 bags in. *Round and Round* I do have to say I'm super thrilled that I have a circle of awesome moms and our kids can trade clothes every year. It saves us all tons of money so I can't complain about getting bags back in. And I suppose I'm losing stuff I can't use and gaining stuff I can. That helps right?

All in all this week I purged 4 bags through it all. (purged 6 and got 2 back) and then I got over 40 bags of stuff IN! Seriously....I collected 2 different donation drives this week that were on going to Mended Little Hearts of SWPA - A Non profit that I run from my house) One from a local hospital:

And another from Brother Baer's Cub Scout Troop. Here are the boys all proud of their donations they gathered! (The stuff is all hidden behind the cute boys. LOL)

So, I've been spending a lot of my week putting away the bags. So, I haven't had a lot of time to purge my stuff this week. Oh well. I'm doing well and that's all that matters.

I'm officially at 40 bags as of this week!!

27 bags donated

5 bags passed along to friends

3 bags sold

5 bags of trash

So, all in all I'm doing well even though I haven't got to a lot of the important spaces I wanted to. I really need to clear my kitchen cupboards and I'm going to try hard to make that my priority next week. I also have spaces in the basement that still need decluttered.

For now though I'm off to enjoy this sunshine!! Happy Spring all!

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