Monday, March 26, 2012

One more Weapon in my Arsenal!

My Newest weapon in my Super mom arsenal! I have to share!! The question "What's for dinner" plagues me. Everyday. I sometimes lie in bed at night trying to get "organized" for the next day and figure out what's for dinner.

I have tried menu plans, lists, lists, and more lists. I have searched and downloaded hundreds of recipes and I STILL find myself not knowing what to cook for dinner.

Then there is the whole....The recipe looks good, but the 100 ingredients it takes to make the meal, or the fact that my kids won't eat the meal....Leads me to never actually trying the new recipes that look so awesome. girlfriend told me about this website! (Thanks Stacey!) and I searched it out and I am in love! is their site! gives you choices of stores that you can shop at. And they develop the menu for the week (Kid friendly, mom friendly, easy to make recipes) and then provide you the store list...for YOUR store and gives you the breakdown on the cost even.

Seriously it could not get any easier. :) Yesterday I signed up! Printed my weekly list....marked off 2 meals that we don't need (Since I only need to make dinner for 5 days this week) and went to the store this morning. DONE! I spent a total of $48.00 for the week's meals. And that included Cat litter and paper towels. (That we obviously can't eat) and so I am so excited about this meal plan not only helping me solve the dinner dilemma but saving me money too. (Now I did have a lot of the basics in my pantry already...their estimated costs of weekly meals are between 65-80 a week for a family of 3-6)

They also included an Easter menu (With store list) for free right now! I downloaded that too and honestly will make some of the items and follow the list. (some things I have to make traditional)

So jump on over to and check them out! They have special dietary meal plans as well. Including Gluten Free, and Whole foods options. While you are there you can sign up for a FREE Lemon Cake recipe and try it out.

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