Saturday, April 7, 2012

40 days of Giving up Clutter!!

Well, here we are on the last day of Lent for 2012!
During the past 40 days I've been giving up clutter. And it's been amazing! My friend over at Ann Marie heads up the project every year for us and I've been following along and sharing my progress each week.
First, I'm going to recap this last week. I didn't exactly get done what I was going to get done...or what my plan was. BUT....I still managed to rid 9 bags of of here this week!
I put together this toy cubby and went through the toys in the living room (That's it though...blah) I threw out 1 bag of trash. And I have 1 bag of baby toys for a friend.
Of course I had a "problem" on this project. (You would think I could manage to follow simple directions) I put it all together right...then nailed the back boards onto the front. *OIY*
So....I bought some white duct tape (Who knew they sold white duct tape) and taped the edges carefully and Viola!
Looks perfect. LOL
Then I worked on clearing out some more basement items. I rounded up 3 bags to take to Thrift King and sent them on their way with Papa Baer. These bags were mostly Stuffed animals, old Easter baskets, and extra stuff I didn't need.
Thursday I worked outside almsot all day in my flower beds and planting herbs....But I started clearing out the shed....What a disaster that is.
Then Friday morning I decided the garbage had to go. So as the garbage truck was on the street above me I was loading up 4 more bags of trash to get out before they made it to me! Old junk, cardboard, and stuff that I have no idea was even saved.
All together this week I cleared out 9 bags. It wasn't in the areas that I wanted to work on. But, I'm still thrilled to have it gone. I can't believe today is the 40th day and this project is wrapped up for the year.
All together I have cleared out 54 bags (Trash bags people!!!) of Clutter from my home. I have half of a basement that is now functionable space. (The other half will get there) And my house is so much less cluttered. I have space...Space to enjoy. (Not junk back up)
I still have a long way to go, and I'm really hoping that my 40 days has given me a great head start. A few things I learned this year was really honestly evaluating if I needed "something" or not. I got rid of a lot of things I had been hoarding (LOL) for no real reason other than I could. And the clutter and junk was weighing me down. My closets are cleaner and my mind is focused!
So....Here's the final breakdown:
30 bags donated to Thrift King
8 bags given to friends/freecycle
3 bags sold
13 bags of trash
54 Bags! Seriously? How awesome is that?
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