Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pintrest Fail

I love Pintrest! I love creating all kinds of fun stuff from there. Although, I can now say that I also hate Pintrest.....Nothing like giving me a nice kick in the Ego to say....You suck Super mom.
See....I had this brillant idea I wanted to make these awesome Easter Egg Cake pops. I used this idea from who has the most adorable cake pops!
First off I must say....I am NOT a baker, nor am I really crafty and awesome. I like to fake it mostly. I like to find all kinds of ways to "pretend" I have super powers. So this was not a great idea from the start.
Second....I never actually followed directions. Nor did I even read the directions. LOL. I apparently am to cool for that. I just kind of followed what I "thought" would be done. I did ask a question or two from a friend who actually made them (And they looked super cute!) But otherwise....I just followed my awesome insticts to make them.
So...Here is the cake all baked and crumbled. Then I mixes about 3/4 of the icing with it...mixed it well and put it in the fridge. ( not follow any of my directions except as a list of things not to do)
Then I put it in the fridge and the next morning started my creation.
So far so good...(They "kinda" look like eggs)
Then that's where it went downhill. FAST!
The sticks wouldn't stick in them very well. Then after the melted chocolate (A very cool orange color which would have made adorable eggs) was ready I attempted to dip them.
Then my MIL tried to help and save them. LOL Not a chance. Everytime we dipped the entire cake pop fell apart. In pieces. Fell off the sticks, broke off, a disaster.
Thankfully we only started with a small batch of chocolate. (Thanks to my MIL) So we didn't waste an entire bag.
Here is our "ending" project:
We stopped there. I mean really...we surely weren't getting anywhere. And had I continued I would have needed a Xanax or something. And that's not cool on Easter. I just threw it all in the trash and chalked it up to a Fail!
Thanks Pintrest for making me feel like a total failure.
Now...If you really want to try them head over the Bakerella and follow their directions. I still think they are super cute. LOL

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  1. Just a tip, next time (if there is a next time) try making them a little smaller. I also put the sticks in the cake then put it in the freezer it seems to hold better. You also need something deep enough to dunk the whole thing in without moving it around. Just dip and pull up. I had to try quite a few time before I actually got something that looked like Bakerella's in the end LOl