Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reclaiming the Yard

We have a huge yard. But, half of the yard was taken up by a huge pool. 12 x 24ft oval pool to be exact. The pool started coming down last week. We drained the water. Then the dismantling began. Finally today the pool is completely down!!
And check out the yard space!
I'm so excited. Of course there is a ton more work to do. The sand needs moved (Future beach area will be made with some of it! A big sand box for the kids!) The gravel needs moved to the driveway (Killing 2 birds with one stone...or a million stones) And then dirt needs brought in and filled...and then grass planted.
But the pool is all in a little nice pile waiting for someone to come and get it!
There is a whole lot more than that. get the idea.
The fence is being painted this summer too. Along with a ton of other projects. 5 pallets are awaiting my creativity. And this rock...
I found this perfect rock hiding behind the shed. I washed it up and now it's waiting for me to paint it. Hopefully that happens tomorrow. I'm still debating on....Our house numbers, or our last name...then some simple flowers added to it as well. I also got my tomato bed ready and outlined with rock. (No picture yet)
The kids played while we worked...Remember the colored pasta and rice? I found this awesome sand table on the flea market site for $20! So now they can play and mess...outside!!!
Baby Baer decorated the sidewalk as i hauled gravel.
Then the rain came and chased us indoors. I'm looking forward to some nice weather tomorrow to hopefully get out there and get some more work done. I'm getting so excited for the garden.
First things first...tomorrow's projects will be painting my rock and hopefully building the beach area. (Sand box)

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