Monday, April 23, 2012

Please help me Save Langley

Siberia is about 6,000 miles from Pittsburgh (Give or take a bunch)
It takes 28 hours to fly there, I would need to fly there 3 times. Almost 180 hours of travel time.
There is a little boy there that has stolen my heart with eyes like Little Baer's
He looks like he belongs with me and his eyes cry out to me everytime I see his picture
It will take more than $35,000 and months and months of trying to save him and I still may fail
There are a million reasons why I can't or shouldn't
But only 1 reason I should...Him
I can't stop thinking I need to save him
And I can't find a way to do it and it's breaking my heart in pieces

Someone else will save him I've been told.....Really? Cause it's not happened yet. He is in danger of being transferred to an institution. (If he hasn't already) In the adult mental institution he is locked away from the outside world. Tied to a bed or sedated 24/7. No toys, no games. No hugs or love. Many children die there within the first few years. They die from lack of food, lack of care, or just lack of love. They give up.  I can't sleep at night knowing this. I can't allow this little boy to face the fate of a lifetime of an institution. I can't turn my back and pretend it's all ok. I can't.

You don't need another child I've been told....No, I don't, I suppose some would say. I am blessed with 4 amazing children and I am thankful for them. But he needs a mommy. It's not about me. It's about this little boy who needs someone...anyone to care.

You can't do it I've been told....Maybe not. But...Failing is better than not trying. And really, failing isn't an option when saving a life.

There will be other kids, when the time is right I've been told. I don't even have a response to that. There will be other kids that need saved, sure. But what about this little boy? Isn't his life worthy of a fight?

How do I stop thinking about him and let it go? Because I can't figure out how to do it.

How on earth do I save him when I have a million obstacles stacked against me from the start? At this point I can't even begin the process.

No one thinks I should, No one believes I can, and that makes me even more sad.

I may not be the perfect mom, we may not have the perfect family, but....I can provide a loving, safe home. I can fill his world with happiness and joy. I can give him mommy hugs at night and mommy kisses in the morning. I can provide him with doctors and therapists to give him a great life to live to his full potential. I can provide him brothers and sisters and grandmas and grandpas. A mommy and a daddy all of his own. He would be safe here, happy here, loved here. Shouldn't that be enough? should be....But it's not.

And that makes me feel like a not so super supermom.

SO...After all this rambling, here is my plea....

PLEASE go to this page and read about helping to save Langley. While I try to get my crap together here and try to qualify for saving him....PLEASE donate to his cause. If I can't save him someone needs to. Please share his picture and this plea and help me find him a home. If it can't be me, I can accept that. I can not accept him NOT having a mommy.

They are doing fundraising for him. To help whoever gets to be his mom rescue him. If it can't be me....It needs to be someone NOW

Here is Jen's first post about this sweet little boy Langley

You CAN help save his life. Please donate $5.00 to his cause. Share this blog on facebook...Help me help him. The fundraiser is over in 6 days....But we can help now!!

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