Monday, April 16, 2012

Button Letter Wreath

In leui of doing work, homework, or something I should have been today, I decided to finish my wreath I started yesterday. Here's all the details and info on how you can do it too!
First, I bought the wreath at Goodwill for $4.00
Totally ugly...but it was the exact size I was looking for and had so much potential. I ripped off all the flowers and was left with a plain wreath. I also scored these buttons...hundreds of them actually, all in a nice little 9 drawer organizer, for $15.00 of the flea market site on Facebook. I didn't even make a dent in the buttons with this project. So I have tons and tons of buttons still waiting. (Papa Baer says I'm creating more things to get rid of in next years 40 in 40....but what does he know?)
I sorted through and found the colors that I wanted. I am repainting my front door and screen door in the summer chocolate brown. So, i wanted a color scheme to match that color door. (Not the ugly mauve door I have now)
Then I cut apart 3 flower bunches from Joanns I got yesterday (Dafoddil days started!) at 50% off. I spent a total of $7.00 on the flowers. I hot glued a few spots but mostly relied on the floral wire that was left on the wreath (I didn't take it off when ripping apart the wreath)
Then, I hot glued the buttons onto the letter (I love the whimsical look of this letter!) I also got the letter at Joanns. The cost: $3.99 I purchased the white letter so no painting was needed. A hint here: If you place the flat buttons on the letter first. you can fill in with buttons that have the "hook' on the back for attaching. They fill in nicely
Then I cleaned up the random hot glue strands (LOL Apparently I'm very messy) and oce it was dry I attached the letter to the wreath with ribbon. And ta-da....It's done!
Total cost of the project was approximately $20.00. I counted about $5.00 for the buttons since I really didn't use very many of the buttons from the huge lot I got. Of course if you already have a stash of buttons it will be cheaper!!

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