Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Projects

So, I got my rock painted today! I think it turned out pretty cool. I'm totally not an artist and I don't paint well....So this was a huge accomplishment for me.
I had to paint Tulips...for my 'Holland" home.
Total project cost $4.00 (Cost of 3 paints at $1.39 each)
I also added another 6 lbs of pasta to our sensory table. Colored them yellow and red. (since those were the colors missing)
Of course, as the pasta was drying in the sun Trenton dumped the yellow. So, we spent some extra time picking up 3 lbs of yellow pasta from the yard. *giggle*
Then my next project is started....
Check out the buttons....$15 on the Facebook Flea Market
I started my "letter" button for my front door wreath. My front door is being painted (Another project. lol) this summer and will be a chocolate brown. So here is my letter for the center of the wreath...
I still need to glue them on. Basically I just picked out the colors and buttons I wanted. I may need to add a few more. But you get the idea.
And the wreath
LOL...pretty old and outdated. BUT I got it at Goodwill for $4.00!!! Can't beat that. so far I've ripped off all the flowers, pearls (lol), and everything else. Taking it down to just the wreath.
I have the flowers and ribbon. So, everything is ready to put it together.
Check back tomorrow for the finished product!


  1. I love the rock! I'm so excited to see it finished, what a cute idea! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only person out there painting the front door! :)

    I have a question about the sensory table though, do you keep it outside or bring it in? We just got the boys a new water table, and we leave it outside but empty it. I'm just wondering with the sensory items is it okay to leave outside?

    1. Hi! Yes I can't wait. The front door, screen door and fence around the house is all getting painted chocolate brown! The "mauve" isn't cutting it for me. HeHe

      On the sensory table. I leave it outside. We were worried that it would take on moisture. far so good. I will bring it undercover of the deck if there is rain in the forecast. I honestly haven't had it outside long enough to really test the theory though. I figured that with pasta being so inexpensive if i needed to replace it that would be ok. And it does have a lid with tie downs. So, I guess we will see what happens throughout the summer.

  2. Hello, I came to your lovely blog from your April 6 comment on the Blogger help forum: "I can't do anything on my blog. I try to post, or upload a picture, or anything and that error message shows up." I had such difficulties a few months ago when I tried to get the new threaded commenting feature. Had nothing but problems so went back to full page commenting. I was just now trying to learn whether the problem had been solved, when I found your post. What can you tell me? (Couldn't find your email address on your blog. If you'd like to email me, mine is on my blog in the About box.)

    1. Hi Jean!
      I started having issues when they changed the Blogger format and so someone had suggested that I go back to the "old" format. Which is what I did and it solved my issues. I'm guessing that the issues are solved yet. Hopefully blogger doesn't automatically upgrade everyone (It states on my blog it will happen in April?) without having the problems fixed. Sorry i can't be of more help, since the problem was never resolved for me. I'm happy with this formatting though and hopefully they don't automatically upgrade me.