Wednesday, April 18, 2012

25 reasons to have a tantrum....TODAY

I spent most of my day away. But....this is what I came home to. And this is what continued till bedtime. Oh the joys of toddlers. So, I decided to let Little Baer and Baby Baer write this post. here are their top 25 Reasons (as told by them today) to have a tantrum. In no particular order, btw

1. Mommy won't give me the camera/phone/computer
2. Mommy went to the bathroom and CLOSED THE DOOR...omg she's never coming back
3. I need a drink
4. Not in that cup...OMG..I hate that cup.
5. I want that toy my brother has
6. My sister took my toy
7. Can't find my taggie blanket
8. I want on THAT side of the gate
9. I'm hungry
10. OMG.....mommy gave me the wrong plate. That's not mine.
11. I can't eat now, lost my appetite, just take it away
12. Seriously get this food out of here, take the milk cup too.
13. I am hungry
14. I hate that food
15. Mommy wants to change my diaper
16. I don't wanna get undressed
17. I don't wanna get dressed
18. I'm poopy
19. Mommy changed my diaper
20. My brother took my toy
21. My sister stepped on me
23. Mommy is on the phone
24. I am tired
25. I don't wanna go to bed.

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  1. What a good Momma Baer! To understand that there will be days like this and just let it go! Keep up the good work.