Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap up! 40 Bags in 40 Days!

For those of you decluttering with me or just following along. Here is my week 2 wrap up of the 40 bags in 40 days project I'm doing along with my friend Anne Marie over at

So...This weekends main decluttering jobs were the two big closets in my house. The boys and mine. Now, I have excuses as to why my closets are in this sad of shape, moving, not really unpacking well, kids...On and on. But basically the main excuse is this is my downfall. We have so many clothes that we could start a second hand clothing store. And there is no need. This was super hard for me though. I have the mind set that we NEED all these clothes, and for what? We all wear the same 5-8 outfits over and over again. Why does Brother Baer need 100 tee shirts....Yes, seriously 100.

First stop of the weeknd was Friday: The boys closet!

Here is the before picture:

and the after:

Really doesn't look like a HUGE transformation. I was hoping for more. HaHa But....I did manage to rid out 3 bags full, From where, I don't know. But here's the proof:

1 bag of Brother Baer's clothes, 1 bag of stuffed animals (Which I have a hate/hate relationship with in my home) and a bag of Little Baer's clothes. and a full bag of hangers that aren't needed

So....then on to the next HUGE (did I say HUGE?) project for the weekend. My bedroom closet. Now, I have to admit, The word "Hoarder" is going to come out your mouth when you see this before picture. I really am embarrassed, really was thinking I should skip this before picture, except for the fact that that is the reason I'm doing this right? UGH...Anyways Here is the before:

Just breathe, LOL It's literally impossible for me to find anything in this closet. So, I spend a lot of my time getting frustrated and angry when I try.'s another look...Because just when you think you've seen it all there is more...

So, I got to work. It took about 3 times through my clothes. Taking everything out of the closet, sorting piles, and ridding out as I went. Then I would go through the piles AGAIN...put the wants in the closet and then sorted again...Still seemed like to much to keep. I mean really...I don't need 10 black long sleeve shirts. Or 15 pair of jeans. I had to decide what clothes I really Loved, or enjoyed when I wore them. Then I went back through for a 4th time after allowing it to "settle" in my mind for a few hours. And REALLY took at look at everything....Do I LOVE it? Do I NEED it? There are so many clothes that I have that I hate when I'm wearing them...I don't like the way they feel or look, or they don't fit right, and I spend the day readjusting my shirt or pants.

Some of the clothes I purged were clothes that honestly I don't WANT to enjoy. LOL Like those velour sweatsuits that I could find myself wearing. ACK! Seriously...I don't want to be seen in those clothes. Elastic waisted dress pants? Those scream OLD LADY AHEAD! ugh...I don't want those. Clothes that maybe were in style 15 years ago. Just becasue they fit, doesn't mean I want to wear them. Why do I have them? Why keep clothes that I can wear just because.

Here is my pile to get rid of after the first 3 times of sorting through:

And then there was the linens, and sheets, and blankets and all the other stuff that had found it's home in my closet. So...That was the next step of clearing....Sheets, I kept 3 sets for each bed in the house. Pretty sure that is enough to suffice. And all the rest went! Here's that pile of donation:

Now this process was very tedious. Over and over I would sort, and walk away. But then there was this that stumbled into my mess:

Cute as a button....YES. But that chocolate face says he was into something naughty. So...Off I went to discover chocolate fudge cookies that pappy had brought him yesterday ALL OVER THE KITCHEN floor. ALL half eaten/or totally eaten and spread around. LOL

So, After that was handled. (I know better then to believe quiet is a good sign) I got back to sorting and clearing out.

Finally! Here is the After shot:

Huge difference! Total for that project: 8!!!! yes, 7 garbage bags donated. and 1 bag of trash!

So....It was time for a trip to Thrift King! (Our version of Goodwill)

10 Garbage bags and 1 box:

The total tally for the weekend is 11 bags! 10 donated bags, and 1 bag of trash

On Monday I conquered a small project and cleaned up the yard. The winter takes it's toll here so I spent my time cleaning up debris and sticks and clearing out some flower beds of leaves. 1 bag total there!

Total Tally for project is at 16! 10 bags donated, 4 bags of trash, and 2 bags sold.

(Oh and we are down one package of fudge cookies. LOL)