Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Baer turns one!!

My Baby Baer is One!
I can't believe she's one already!!
We threw her a fun fun one birthday party and I thought I would share some of the fun things I did to make the party special for very cheap! (Can I say cheap? lol)
So, of course one year olds don't have a lot of friends. So it was mostly family, a few of momma baer's friends, and her siblings.
Here are some pictures from the fun! And some tips on making an inexpensive fun party! Who needs to blow a ton of money when you can do it for so little!
Cupcakes and cake for adults with homemade buttercream icing. I downloaded the printables for the toppers onto cardstock at and then used toothpicks to secure them! Their website is AWESOME! And they have lots of really great printables and ideas! Check them out.

Total cost...Was the icing. Everything else I had at home. And thanks to couponing the cake mixes were here and ready to use (And were super cheap)

Water bottle labels too! Also printed from a FREE download. See...Pintrest does help me out! (As a reasoning for wasting time pinning my hours away. LOL)
Super easy! I was able to enter the name and number, save, and then print onto card stock. Cut them out and after removing the labels from the water, taped them on! And they looked adorable.
So...cost was the Water. (And ink if you're counting that)
The Cake table! - I also printed the banner at and purchased the lady bug themed items for $8!!! That included all the plates, napkins, and even the little tea lights. Work with what you have on hand and go from there! I had the red centerpiece balloon holders on hand, and then used the printables to add to the party!
Food table!
The whole idea behind the post is that you don't have to spend a ton of money. The whole party cost me $150.00!! And that includes the hall rental. And it was just as much fun as one where we spent a ton. I'm working on spending less and creating more. And I was very happy with the party. Find what you have sitting at home, and create fun from that. And coupons help a ton!

So, next time you are throwing a party try and see what you can create from items at home. And what you have to work with! No sense in spending a bunch of money on things you can do for cheap! (There's that word again! )

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