Thursday, February 23, 2012

First 2 days Wrap!!

So, I've been working on my 40 bags in 40 days project and have been making HUGE progress so far.

Day 1:

Day 1 consisted of my bathroom linen closet. You ready? (It's bad!) Here it is before:

Seriously. To much Stuff! And it's all crammed in the closet, so it leaves me no where to put anything and things are always falling on me when I try to get something else out. Yikes! It's madness. So....this was my first priority in my 40 days of decluttering.

I conquered this the first day and am super proud of that!

Here is the after picture:

So...I cleared out a clothes basket full (I know...seems silly) of stockpile items. Those things will have a new home in the basement on shelves. I figure...I don't need 25 tubes of toothpaste in the closet. *sigh* I also purged a clothes basket full (LOL) of bath and body products and they have new homes with Mended Little Hearts. Tons of soap, lotions, shampoos, all kinds of things that are unopened and ready to be used in Care Bags. My stockpile of bath and body stuff was a tad bit out of hand. Even for a hoarder like me.

I threw out a grocery bag full of garbage, and a grocery bag full of towels, washclothes, and baby towels that I'll free cycle!

So I counted that as 1 bag. Simply because if I filled a garbage bag it would have probably been about the right amount!

That was day 1!!

Day 2:

So, Day 2 I started tackling a small job in the morning and gathered a box of books from the living room and my bedroom. Why do I need so many books? LOL I don't even read them anymore since I bought my kindle. they went. And a bunch of cookbooks were purged too because again....If I want a recipe I look it up online. So, no need to keep junking up much needed space with books.

THEN I tackled the Laundry Area!!! WOOT WOOT!

This was my next BIG job -Here is the before (YIKES! the pictures keep getting scarier)

Who wants to do laundry there? ACK! Not me. Now...The boxes are still from my move in December. I'm still in the process of putting away and the basement is all that is left. (Except for I'm already needing to purge the house too...ack!) Although, there's a lot of boxes to go down there! So I worked on cleaning, organizing and purging this area.

Here is the After:

OK, So it's not pinworthy yet, But...I'm getting there. It's clean and organized and I have space to put my linens (when I get to my bedroom closet) and it's much nicer to work in now! The decorating part will come later! I'm thinking of fabric walls and some decor to make it really nice and peaceful...hid all those pipes and terrible walls. (Which I was trying to wash was falling off. LOL)

From this area I took out a bag of trash and an entire bag of recycling (Laundry soap containers and such). Everything else was just relocated to somewhere else in the basement till I get all the "areas" done and all the boxes sorted. *phew* I'll also be showing all the donated and stuff to sell. Who knows, maybe even trash bag pictures. So funny, posting pictures of trash. HaHa

Day 2 Tally - 3 "Bags", one from the upstairs (Which was technically a box) and a bag of trash and a bag of recycling from the laundry area.

So 2 days, 4 bags...Go me!!! (This means I can take a day off sometime.) But not tomorrow....Tomorrow I conquer the boys clothing! Drawers and closets in their room.

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  1. I added your post to the link party! 1.) your linen closet looks great, 2.) That's so cool you were able to donate all that stuff for MLH, 3.) Your basement looks SO good!!! Do you feel like you want to spend your time down there now?!

    4 bags in 2 days, not bad at all. I'm really proud of you :)

    When you do get around to prettying up the space, I noticed that you have the same reddish pole/supports as me. I never noticed it in my own basement, but looking at your pics, I think those would look a lot better and would kinda disappear if you painted them white. Just an idea! After seeing your pic, I might do that to mine. Eventually... lol.