Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Workbench

DIY Workbench for kids!

So, for Christmas (I know...It's Valentine's Day...I've been busy LOL) I made the boys this awesome workbench! Total cost was $35.00!! Here's how:
I found an old end table at Goodwill....Cost $5.99

The end table was sturdy, but not pretty. Of course that didn't matter! So the cheap deal on it was right up my alley!

I sanded it down and took off the door pulls.

Make sure that you sand down the entire thing and rough up the finish, you need to have that for the paint to stick later!

Then I bought some discounted paint! From someone who had not liked the color....Cost $5.00 for the quart. And a can of chalkboard spray paint. $9.99 and also a piece of pegboard $6.00 and some new door pulls $4.00

I painted the table with the blue! And then used the chalkboard paint on the pegboard and the top of the table (which is the workbench area)

I used two coats of each paint. Letting it dry in between and then replaced the door pulls with metal ones! More utility looking.

Then I bought some peel and stick letters at Michael's to finish it up!

The pegboard was originally going to be attached, but once I realized it was more sturdy and durable setting behind it against the wall I left it that way. My boys are rough and the small amount of space to attach it wasn't going to be enough to hold it. And it's more movable for us! But you could attach that as well. I added some pegboard hooks to hang some tools.

Then I bought a bunch of kids tool sets and construction hats to finish it off! (Those weren't included in the $35.00 price tag!) The tool sets weren't expensive and the boys love to play building things!

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