Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Bag at a time...Right?

One Bag at A Time....Right?
This past weekend I did my huge clear out of my closet and the boys! The space looked so much different and I felt so much better afterwards. It was fun to see the before and after pics and know I was doing good stuff. Starting monday though, and during this week....I'm tackling the basement. And it's...well.....overwhelming. Seriously...What do I do with this?
Boxes and Boxes of Mess. (This is just one corner...there are 2 more like it.) Stuff still boxed from the move, stuff boxed BEFORE the move that I just moved. *sigh* and just plain old boring, no fun to show mess.
So this week I have spent a lot of my time going through this mess. One bag at a time. So, nothing really flashy to show off. No amazing work done really. Just a bunch of in the trenches kind of work.
WAIT!!!! I did Hang my Steeler Flag behind the bar! (That's exciting!) And yes, there is a bar behind that mess.
But honestly....Nothing fun or exciting to show off from the week of hard work. Everyday I spend some time going through boxes. And sorting the madness.
I did clean out the fridge and pantry yesterday. Threw away an entire bag of stuff....Boxes (I found 3 popcorn boxes, all opened with one or two taken out. lol) stale crackers, old condiments or dressings that no one would eat. Got rid of all the junk that was stopping me from finding things in the pantry.
I cleaned up the yard on Monday. Bagged up a bag of trash from debris and sticks and all those things that come along with winter.
But again....Nothing exciting. So, it's been slow going, but progress is being made...One bag at a time.
So far, the basement has produced 3 more bags for donations and 2 bags of trash this week!
Here's the donation pile I'm working on for Sunday Delivery:
I also have sold 3 bags of kids clothes! So so far my profit is $55.00 towards my $300! (Not to bad for day 7
So If you are following along or joining in the fun! (fun? right?) Here are my stats so far:
Total bags completed: 21
14 bags donated.
4 bags of trash
3 bags sold
I'm super happy that the trash is only at 4! I've been hoping to donate or sell most everything and not resort to just trash! I'm also super happy I'm on bag 21 with only 7 days fully completed.

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