Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frugal Candle Saving Tip

Frugal Candle Saving Tip
So, I always buy my candles at this amazing Candle Outlet in Indiana....5 hours from home. So, needless to say I stock up big time when I'm there!
All of their candles have wonderful staying power and their scents are AMAZING! The problem? They aren't in jars, so when you get down low it seems they loose their burning ability. So, I'm always stuck with about a quarter of the candle that is unusable!
So....In order to save them, use them and enjoy the candles to the very end I chunk them up with a kitchen knife and cutting board. And place them in a quart Mason Jar! the Mason Jar fits perfectly into my Candle Warmer I have!

And now....I can savor the candles till the very end! And no more wasting the last bit of them.
Have a bunch of votives? You can also fill the Mason Jar with the votives and let them warm that way!
The smell tends to stay longer from a burner in my opinion. And....I don't have a bunch of little candles sitting around ready for one of the little baers to pull down.

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