Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the Love of God

PLEASE! For the Love of God can we stop it with the Whitney Houston stuff. Really.
I know it's not a popular stance, but really, I can't take it anymore.
Now...before you go and get all up in arms talking about me being horrible and mean and cruel....I care. I feel bad she passed away. Really I do. The same way I feel when I see the news and hear about other people passing. I'm sad for their family, sad for her daughter, for her poor momma who had to bury her daughter, and sad that a life was cut short. that makes me feel bad and makes my heart hurt for them.
BUT....She wasn't a hero fighting for our country, or a woman who cured cancer, or anyone really that important in the lives of strangers. She didn't do anything that saved the world from evil devastation. She was a singer. And a druggie. (Which btw if you don't realize this drugs kill people. Everyday...lots of people who never hear about) Which I don't judge her for, nor feel that she deserved to die. I just think that I would like to sit down and watch the news for the 20 minutes of peace I get a day and not see all the details about some washed up singers life that no one cared about until she died. *sigh* Really....a week ago no one even cared Whitney Houston was still alive. And now we can't stop talking about her? UGH....It's making me crazy. I saw her on Oprah a year ago and she was washed up then. Music was awful and she sounded terrible.
Let's get some real news the wars and our soldiers and our economy and what's happening with real things that matter in the world.
On that note...Can we please stop giving Chris Brown (who thruthfully I was getting confused this week with the Bobby Brown, Chris Brown names being thrown around) the attention. Is he sorry? I don't know. Don't care really. That's between him and God. And maybe Rhianna. Maybe he is sorry. Who knows. Maybe he's a liar and an ass. Who knows. He doesn't affect my life so I don't really care. How did he win a grammy? I didn't even know he had a new album out. I guess I'm too busy with REAL LIFE that I can't concentrate. All this talk, talk, talk about him is what's giving him the attention. And people buying his music to earn him a Grammy. I don't support him, truthfully I forgot he existed too. Just like Whitney.
If you don't like the message he is sending...then don't support him. Forget he exsits and move on. He's not a role model for my kids and he shouldn't be for anyone elses kids.....So drop him off at the front door too.
And those girls who tweeted that they would let him beat them?? Seriously?? There's something wrong with people on a deep level that I can't even fathom. Domestic Violence is no funny business and those girls need their parents to have taught them that. Course their parents are probably to busy mourning the loss of drug addict singers they don't know to worry about real life and parenting.
How many soldiers have died this past week? How many have come home? How many Americans are busting their butts to help people? Save lives? Make a difference in the world? Let's talk about them. Let's have news stories about the good people. Make them the people that we have our kids exposed too. The Media is what's making both of these things crazy, but the people who are following and getting all caught up in it are just as bad. All this glorification of people who are not worthy of it is making me a little snarky these days. Let's teach our kids who real heros are. And believe me, real heros aren't singers, or druggies, or wife beaters, or football players, or movie stars. They are the people in everyday REAL life that stand up and fight in the face of danger. People like police and firefighters and EMTs...people like surgeons and scientists trying to find cures and saving lives. People who step up and stand up and do the right thing to help others. And do so with grace and dedication. Those are the people I want to hear about.
Flags at half staff for Whitney? Are you serious? Oiy

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