Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Sensory Tub

Sensory Tub Fun!
I decided to try my hand at a sensory tub! The kids love the one at playgroup and I thought it would be fun at home too. Of course I followed directions from Pintrest (See...I don't totally WASTE time there, I actually learn things too.)
I took 2 boxes (16 oz boxes) of each kind of pasta (and rice) that I had. They were Whole Grain. so if you wonder if whole grain works....It does! :)
I seperated the pastas/rice into foil pans for coloring. And then mixed together 3 tbs of rubbing alcohol and 2 tbs of food coloring. Then dumped that mixture into the pans and tossed. (Word to the wise....make sure you use gloves if you are hand mixing. LOL) You could also use Ziploc bags but I was mixing a larger amount at a time.
Then set them in the sun to dry!
While the pasta was drying I rounded up a storage tub, foam letters, and some cleaned out laundry detergent lids. Which work awesome for different things with kids!
(Remember the stack blocks from laundry lids I made....Kids still play with them)
And once the pasta was dry (Which really didn't take long at all!) I just poured it in. The great thing about this tub is it's short and long with a lid so I can store under my bed (Not in the kids room that's for sure!) when I'm not using it.

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