Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You're a Hippo Crate!
So, as my fun filled life of adventure continues I have kind of become a celebrity of sorts. I suppose it was bound to happen with all my awesomeness and everything. (I REALLY need to get with Bill Gates on this Sarcasm font thing!)
Along with being a celebrity of sorts I have people who are....well lets just call it like it is....Jealous of my super mom ability and all that jazz.
So....I've been called a Hippo Crate. Quite a few times actually during a few email exchanges with a said person. So, being from WV (As she pointed out as a pointed out) and all (again with the font...although I'm sure you can follow from here!) I wasn't real sure what a Hippo Crate was. SO, I call up my BFF (Actually I texted her cause I am cool like that) Amanda in Texas (Assuming that Texans are more intelligent then West Virginians) and she pulled out her trusty computer and googled a Hippo Crate. I mean honestly, If I am being called one, I surely want to know what it is. And being that it was meant as an insult and to cause damage I needed to know. I guess i'm probably the only one who didn't know, but that's ok. I'm ok with learning a little everyday.
Well. Here is the urban dictionary reference to a Hippo Crate:


A container used in the transport of the large animal known as a hippopotamus (not to be confused with an elephant). These hippos are prone to anger and violence, most likely due to their confinement, so the hippocrate must be very sturdy and secure. A variation of the hippocrate appears in the documentary Jurassic Park, but is used to convey velociraptors.

The Philadelphia Zoo went into lockdown when it was discovered that their latest shipment of hippocrates was one hippocrate short.
WELL....now I'm totally offended. Or am I? I wonder if being a Hippo Crate is a bad thing? I mean....They are needed right? Hmm....they are STRONG and Safe....
And Hippos are kind of cute.
I really loved in the definition of a Hippo Crate that they are used to transport Hippos. (Not to be mistaken for an elephant) Thank Goodness for clear definitions. As I may have made a mistake in thinking they were the same animal.
All in all I guess it's not a bad insult. I could be called alot worse. I wonder if a Hippo Crate could be used as punishment for Hypocrites? Hmmm.....
Amanda says if you bait the Hippo Crate with some cheese they will slither right in. ;)
I might try that since Papa Baer is all good at catching skunks now he could surely catch me a Hippo.
Moral of this story: If you are looking to insult, spread hate, and hurt people, on your quest, you MAY want to use spell check. Or know and understand what you are saying first. It may come across better and you wouldn't look so much like an idiot for writing it.

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