Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Cool....Right?

So Papa Baer and I have been through alot of changes in our years together. And although we aren't old and gray yet...Ok ok....I have help not being gray. ;) As we were planning a birthday get away for me (my dream actually that MIGHT come true) I started thinking how things seem to always stay the same as they change. Let me explain....
We used to dance in night clubs to Black Eyed Peas. Now we dance in the living room to Fresh Beat Band.
We used to beg our parents to let us stay out late. I'm still begging my parents to let me stay out late (While they watch the kids)
I used to have to jump through hoops for weeks to get to do something special like spend the night away from home. I am still doing that. And still with my mother. (She needs to babysit) Amazing how at my age I still am begging for this.
We used to have a curfew as kids. We still have a curfew except it's to the babysitter. Except then it was midnight. Now it's 9PM
We used to be exhausted all day from staying out late. Now we are exhausted all day from staying UP late. (Like 11. lol)
We used to hide having a drink from our parents. Now we hide it from the kids.
We used to lie to our parents when we did something fun. Now we lie to our kids. (No, mommy had to go to "work" that starbucks cup is old)
I used to wear his shirts to bed to feel him close. I still wear his shirts to bed (because I haven't done laundry.)
I used to hide stuff so I didn't have to share with my sister. I just recently shoved an ENTIRE Reese Peanut Butter egg in my mouth so Brother Baer didn't see and ask for some.
We used to take long drives together for fun. We still take long drives together (When GPS gets us lost) and it's still fun. (If 3 screaming kids sounds like fun)
The reasons have changed but we are still doing all the things we used to do. So We're still cool. Right?

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