Sunday, September 25, 2011

"100 Things to do today" Completed

"100 Things to do"
So it's been a week since I started my "100 things to do today" project. I started last Sunday and ended yesterday. Everyday I got rid of 100 things. Big or small. It didn't matter, they just needed to go.
A few lessons I learned along the way were "Don't look at the big picture". Keep your eye at 100. I got caught up in the "clearing out" and over worked and tried to hard. That burned me out. SO....After Tuesday I readjusted my thinking and started again.
100 things! That's it. I counted. I spent the time I needed to. Somedays more than others. But I did it!!!!
And throughout the week I got rid of things like.....
Butter Bowls and Formula Cans I was saving for "projects"
Batteries that didn't work, papers from school and about events that had long passed.
Ketchup, salt, and straws from lord knows where and when
Cake toppers, half burnt candles, and silly stuff that I stuffed in a drawer and left to die
Magazines I have read (or haven't read) it's been so long I forget
Boxes I was saving for....I have no idea
Cat litter and laundry soap buckets and tubs. Why did I dave them? I don't know
Broken Toys and ripped up books
Vases I never use
A Curio Cabinet waiting to me fixed for 4 years
Trinkets I didn't need or really want actually.
And the list goes on and on....
I threw out 20 full garbage bags of garbage. And Freecycled much much more.
I cleaned the car (my head is still hurting from that) the kitchen, the bathrooms, the dining room, and living room. Never made it to the upstairs. And never really made a huge difference in the "look" of the house.....But it's a start. 20 bags!!! 20 bags of stuff that is now not cluttering my house, my mind or my life.
I feel so great knowing that over 700 "things" are gone...GONE!
This will be a project I do again. Working on the upstairs next. Then maybe a "Deep Clean" Week. I think 3 phases of the project is in order here. I never actually sat down and really went through EVERYTHING. I just skimmed the surface. But, it's a triumph for sure. And It's amazing to know I'm on my way to decluttering my home and life!

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