Monday, September 19, 2011

100 Things

100 Things!!!! How I'm clearing out and feeling good.
I found this link below:
and decided I had to do it! I have been overwhelmed by "stuff" for too long. So Yesterday I started my 100 thing Project. Now, I decided that I had a lot of rooms to conquer and a lot of things to get rid of. So my 100 things project is going to go room per room. (Large rooms) I started Yesterday and took on the Kitchen! I used the entire day on clearing out every drawer, every cupboard. Everywhere that I have stashed stuff for way too long. I took out 10...yes 10 trash bags of stuff. Freecycled 4 shopping bags of stuff and went to bed last night feeling more liberated then I have in a very long time.
I have decided that "stuff" will not rule my life. I will not spend my time looking for stuff in the mountains of "stuff"
Here's an example of some things I threw out....
Empty formula cans I was going to make something out of (Someday)
Empty butter tubs that I was saving for leftovers (Even though I have plenty of tupperware)
Junk drawer contenets of stuff like...ketchup packets, napkins and straws from who knows where and when.
Plastic kids cups from who knows where.
Papers, old bills, school papers that are from events past.
cake making things I will never use
Vases I will never use
Tea Figurines from Tea bag boxes sitting around collecting dust
I well surpassed my 100 things goal but it felt so good I continued on.
Today I am working on the Dining Room. The Buffet that's over flowing with paperwork. the desks that are stacked high of "stuff" 6 more junk drawers. I am getting the hang out what to keep and what not too. So I think it will be easier with each room I get too.
Once I complete the dining Room I'm done with that for the day. I don't want to over task and feel exhausted. This project is liberating and needs to be seen as such. You could do it for a day..... A Week..... An Hour....Just do it!
I promise you'll love it!!

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