Monday, September 5, 2011

"Stacking Blocks"

Stacking Blocks
As if the Baer kids didn't have enough toys I found a way to repurpose all different kind of container lids for their enjoyment.
Everyone knows that kids love things that aren't really toys. And these container lids. (Mostly saved from laundry detergent containers and other plastic jugs) make a great toy for them to play with.
Brother Baer had a big set of them when he was younger and I decided to make a set for the younger ones.
There's not really any directions. Find something to store them in. (I used a $1.00 bag) and just make sure they are washed well to remove any detergent) and hand them over!
I spent 00.00 on this idea so if the kids play with them for a week and get bored...then it's all good. :)

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