Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100 Things to do and No time to do it?

So as you all know I've been working on my 100 things a day for a week project. Well, today is Wednesday and it's really been Hump Day for me in more ways then one. I promised myself that I would not give into temptation to not complete this project. And today was a test. I had other stuff going on, I'm exhausted and really could have done without it today.
So....Here is what we did. When Brother Baer came home from school I explained I had a game to play. But it was going to be really hard and would he help me. Of course he said (Because it was a game and not work. haha) And I told him the plan.....100 things in the trash bag in 15 minutes. We would set the timer.....
So I grabbed a bag and we planned our attack.
We raced around the kitchen and Dining Room and Bathroom downstairs....Found a few things
We raced to the living room and glanced through toys and boooks...any broken? or ripped up pages? GONE
Then we headed to the basement....Racing.....
Found a few things down there like an empty bottle of kitty litter, an empty box of kitty food, and a few stray dryer sheets....All trash.
Then we ran up 2 flights to the upstairs....Racing against the clock...
Brother Baer found a few things in his room, I found a few in the babies room, and mine...
But we weren't to 100 yet?
Upstairs the junk drawers.
I found old razors waiting for refills that weren't coming, old battery from who knows when, some junk I will never use, and an empty bag from razors....hmmmm....
Then to complete the 100 things we went back to the babies room and found some alcohol pads from when one of them were born, a shoe box, and a fwe other misc things...
BAM.....We hit 100. (With 3 minutes to spare I might add!!!!!)
SO...not the massive clean up from previous days...but 100 things is the goal. NOT massive decluttering everyday. And today I made the goal!!!
3 more days to go. And it only took up 15 (well 12) minutes of my life.
AND Brother Baer and I had a blast and laughed the whole time.

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