Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcoming Sight....The Front Door

It's done! Finally It's done! what used to look like this:

(This actually was after the first paint was stripped off and ready to repaint)

To this:

A much more Welcoming sight don't you think? I replaced the screen and cleaned off all the "old paint" (Not from me! lol) off the screen door glass and the door itself. It looks a million times better. It matches the eaves of the house and the trim on the windows. I'm preparing the fence area to start that project tomorrow. And today I'm painting the creeper/serial killer door Cellar Door. Then there is the shed, the swing set, and the flag post....oh and the mailbox post. For some silly reason there were 3 colors of paint on various things throughout the property. I'm not really sure what statement was being made...but it's outta here! :) 

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