Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 "Pins" I wish I could find on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It's fun and entertaining and inspires me to be crafty and makes me laugh. I can day dream about the perfect house and the awesome dinners I will never have time to make. But honestly....Finding ways to make sandwiches into fire trucks, and paper cups into Christmas Trees really isn't all that helpful in my crazy life. So, here is what I would like to find (Hint: if you find them and they work...pass them along please)

1. How to keep a diaper on a toddler. Seriously. Why is this an issue? Every.Single.Day. I am a grown woman with 22 years of child rearing experience and this baffles my mind. I can't find an answer. 

2. How to keep your sons from peeing all over the bathroom. this baffles my mind as well. the toilet bowl is HUGE compared to your pee pee...get it in the bowl for goodness sakes. Pee on the floor, on the toilet, on the back of the toilet, on the rug, in the garbage can. Everywhere put the darn toilet. 

3. How to get poop smell off your hands. This goes back to the #1 pin I need. I feel like it's a constant state of stink in this house, then I realize it's my hands that stink. I wash them, I use hand sanitizer, lotion, you name it. The smell is still there. 

4. How to get laundry to fold itself. this task is simply daunting to me. It's like an over run circus when I try to fold the clothes. It goes something like this: fold, unfold, fold, unfold, throw on the floor, pick it up, in the basket, out of the basket, fold, unfold. Take the toddler out of the basket, put the clothes in, turn around to pick up the other clothes....and the cycle starts again. 

That's it. Pretty simple if you ask me. That's all I need these days to make me giddy with happiness. 

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