Friday, July 13, 2012

Limping Along

We are limping along here! that's about all I can think of to summarize the progress here. My Garden is FINALLY doing something. :) Although it's limping along pretty slow I can finally see progress. so excited. I picked 2 cucumbers today. Brother Baer says they look weird (They are completely ROUND HA!) I said they fit in just fine and I'm sure they will taste yummy. The bad soil, the heat, the no rain thing...It's not been good. But We have babies! YAY!!!

 Squash! :)

And the yard project is "limping along as well" The day the pool was torn down:

Now: Woohoo! We have grass, sand and garden! I seriously CAN NOT wait for the fence to be painted. That's on the agenda for next week. First though I have to remove all the overgrowth and get it ready. *sigh*
 This project is "limping along" as well. Although right now it's pretty much.....stalled. Hello ugly 80's mauve again. *sigh* Mauve...Chocolate Brown...Mauve again. ACK! Hopefully this weekend it is Chocolate Brown to stay. LOL This whole paint disaster has left me frustrated and "over it" hopefully I will get some motivation back to finishing removing the paint so I can paint it again. *shakes my head*
 More babies! :)

The driveway project isn't even started. The basement is still in disarray and after all the work on the doors all I have to show for it are flies in my house. ACK! I hate flies. Literally hate them so bad. They creep me out, make me feel dirty, and drive me batty. So....Killing flies today is on the Agenda! 

I sure hope the progress picks up soon. LOL Whoever is in charge of these things isn't very organized. ;) 

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