Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping in July

If you knew you could start Christmas shopping in July, could find some really awesome handmade items for your friends and family, AND help a family bring home an orphan would you? 

Well here you go! I've started shopping already and I'm excited to give some great gifts this Christmas and feel good about doing my part to bring home a child with special needs. 

Here are some really awesome sites for purchasing some gifts AND helping these Reece's Rainbow families raise their Ransoms. 

Do you know someone who loves scarves?

You can find a whole variety of handmade scarves here: Life's Amazing Journey

What about an Auction on FACEBOOK! Where you can find really cool items like this:

the auction ends Saturday! (Tomorrow) and there are tons and tons of really cool things. You can find it Here:

What about Pampered Chef? the Marble Family is traveling VERY soon and still need a lot of funds. You can go here to order some Pampered Chef and help them! Marble Family Pampered Chef

What about this really awesome "Mother" plate

you can find it along with a TON of really awesome items including stampin' it up items and so many others here:

Do you like Avon or know someone who does? You can order through here and under events you can choose a family for the proceeds to go for:

What about hairbows? eeekk....I have already ordered some of these for my Princess! I'm hoping baby baer gets enough hair to wear them by Christmas! 

She has tons of different hair bows and holders to choose from! You can check it out on Facebook!

How about a baby that needs a gift? My little baer's love their taggie blankets. 

You can find these along with a lot of other taggie blankets and different items up for auction Here:

Want to enter a giveaway and have a chance to win a new TV to give to someone for Christmas? (Or keep it for yourself? lol)

Go Here and enter!!! Journey to Reunite Two Angels

Check out this little baby doll! Handmade and waiting for a little girl! What a cute gift. 

You can find this cute doll and so many other items here on Facebook: But by Grace

Bows? Hairbows? Again...I love hairbows. Here is an example of one you can buy:

you can find them here on Facebook: Bringing Home Orphans

What about this awesome handmade necklace for a mom or sister or friend:

You can find this along with lots of other necklaces on Facebook Here: Auction for Lily and Isaac

What about this bracelet? Hmm...*hint hint* I want one! :)

You can buy them Here: One at a Time 

How about Tee Shirts? 

you can order them here: Life's Amazing Journey

These are just a few of the items that you can purchase or bid on RIGHT NOW! I'm also including the link to the Friday Family Fundraiser Page from Reece's Rainbow. you can check in with them on Fridays and see new and exciting items. 

Seriously....Isn't it awesome to get a handmade gift? I love them. And I love giving them. And since i'm not so crafty this is perfect for me. Made with love, bought with love, and given with love, knowing you can help rescue an orphan while you are doing something that everyone does! Shops! 

Happy Shopping Ya'll!

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