Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Challenge for you!!

Here it is! A Dinner Challenge for you all! 

I want you to tell me what I should cook for dinner this week. It's a pretty impossible task though. Here are the rules, you have to follow the "guidelines" as stated. Otherwise....have at it! If you can come up with something (must be edible for real) I will cook it! For real!

Here are the guidelines (This ensures the Baer Clan will actually eat it and I don't waste my time)

1. No soups, chili's or anything of that nature (Papa Baer rule)
2. Nothing that requires being spoon fed (Little Baer rule)
3. Nothing "mixed" like Casseroles, etc. All foods must be separate. (Brother Baer rule)
4. No Mexican, Asian, or other foods that may present themselves as "different" (Papa Baer, Brother Baer, and Little Baer's rule)
5. No Pasta or noodle dishes. (Little Baer rule) 
6. No Salad as main course (Brother Baer rule)
7. No Italian dishes (Little Baer rule)
8. Nothing that resembles a sandwich. (Little Baer rule)

So....that's my job Every.Single.Day of the year. Find dinner for these impossible eaters. Seriously...if you use those guidelines I dare you to find something that I can cook and have them eat it. It's nearly impossible. And it has left me exhausted before I begin. I need some serious help here~!

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