Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Little Boys and Random Acts of Kindness

Remember Langley? This amazing, beautiful little boy in Eastern Europe? Langley is still waiting for his mommy and daddy to step forward and rescue him. Rescue him from a life in a crib, locked away in an institution. Locked away from society simply because he has Down Syndrome.  I love this little boy. I want him to be saved. As a matter of fact there are a lot of people who love Langley. I wish he knew that love. I sometimes pray that he can feel our love wrapped around him. That he is loved. He is amazing. He is worthy! That all us mommas out here love him! We just can't tell him. Can't hug him. Can't hold him. 

Now look at this little boy. Also perfect and beautiful! You know him as Little Baer. Does he deserve that fate? Would you be ok with locking him away? He has Down syndrome too. Just like Langley. Is he not worthy? The only difference between these two boys is that one was born here in the US, where we have opportunity, education, chances, where we love. I look at Little Baer and I can't imagine anyone ever thinking for a second he is not perfect, not worthy, not lovable. 

I can not turn away. I can not un-see the things I have seen. I can not believe that this perfect little boy doesn't deserve an amazing life. Full of love, hugs, kisses, bedtime stories, and a family. Now that I know children like my Little Baer are locked away simply because they have one chromosome too many I can NOT unlearn that fact. And it breaks my heart. 

Look again at Little Baer.....and at Langley. These two boys, from different sides of the world. Both with 47 chromosomes. One valued. One not. One has a mommy. One does not. One has a family of brothers and sisters. One does not. 

PLEASE my friends, we must change this!'s the deal. During the month of June Jen from  is running a giveaway for the month of June. 

You can get involved and help save Langley. I'm not asking for money (although that will help) All I'm asking is PLEASE share and Do Random Acts of Kindness in June in Langley's name. 

And PLEASE pray for this beautiful, amazing little boy. 

Go check out The giveaway HERE

Watch the video! Share it! Blog it! Tweet it! Something....Anything....Just please don't ignore this beautiful soul. Please don't ignore this amazing, perfect child of God. And remember, God does not make mistakes! 

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