Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life Lessons learned in Unexpected Places

Here's the thing. I think I have this mom thing figured out. Ya know....I do all the right things, I feed them well, making sure they eat their vegetables and fruits. I make sure that I am on top of all the therapies and doctors and appts. I make sure they have all the toys and games and gadgets they think they need. Lots of awesome clothes. I'm teaching them manners and loving them. 

But here's the thing....Have I ever just let it go, and done something a Banana Split for dinner? What? No..maybe after dinner as a snack. Or maybe a little sundae in the afternoon, but never FOR dinner. 

But Why?

A little heart guy named Ryan inspired this whole thing....Let's start there. Ryan is a heart buddy of Trenton's. He has Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. He's not 2 years old yet and has spent a lot of his short life in the hospital. His family has now had to make the awful decision to move to palliative care. Little Ryan's heart is too weak. His lungs, too damaged. There is nothing they can do except make him comfortable. So, his mom is thinking of all of the things her little guy will never do. And one of those things was...He will never have the fun of eating a banana split. He is living out his time in a hospital. It's heartbreaking. SO....another heart mom (I love heart moms) decided we should throw a Banana Split Party for Ryan! And...well...Ice cream? heck yes...I'm in. 

So...We threw out the rules and had Banana splits for dinner last night.

Brother Baer really couldn't get over this rule change. He kept saying...This is the best dinner EVER! This is the best dinner EVER! A Banana Split for dinner? Can we add sprinkles? (Heck yea!) I can't believe we get to eat a banana split for dinner!

Little Baer finished his off and even signed MORE for seconds. (Which I totally gave him) And ate every single bite of it off a spoon! Letting me feed him. If I put the spoon down to take a bite of mine he promptly picked it up and handed it to me. No screaming...No fighting to feed from a spoon....Nope....Just ate every last bite. And enjoyed it!

Likewise Baby Baer chowed down and loved it! I'm sure she was wondering if I had fell and bumped my cream for dinner? 

And myself? I took some pictures. Relaxed (Had a SUPER easy clean up...BONUS!) and realized that every now and then it's so important to take some time to enjoy things. And enjoy it with meaning. To purposefully make an effort to enjoy those things in life we all take for granted. (Like Ice cream!) 

So far over 16 other countries and almost all 50 states have participated in this banana split party on Facebook! Is that awesome or what? It's like a revolution.....Ice Cream and Family....Enjoying together. 

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