Saturday, June 9, 2012


Here is Brother Baer on his last day of school last Monday! He is officially a second grader! It's officially Summertime! I love it!! i love the sunshine, the garden, the swimming and fun stuff we can do as a family! I love not having to rush around for the bus in the morning, or having to talk to the school 17 times a week. I love having an IEP break and a break from finding lost library books and doing homework. 


Now I have endless days of non stop talking. Non stop! Seriously....Brother Baer talks every minute of every day he's awake. Is this how all kids are? Because I don't remember this with Goldilocks. 

He starts the second he gets up. And by around 9 AM he has run out of things to talk about. So we have conversations like this (ALL.DAY.LONG):

Have you ever had a green head mom?
I think it would be cool to have a green head.
Have you ever seen anyone with a green head?
I think we should look up green heads on the internet. Can I use the IPAD. 
(REAL conversation)

and this one

You know Kapachupa mom? You know who this is? (Show's me toad) 
How about that red bird from Angry birds? You know him?
you know what my favorite animal is?
I need a Mario Brother costume.
Where is my money I need to count it.

Seriously folks....

Non stop talking. 

I used to have a few minutes during nap time to do things in peace. Nope...that's all gone now. 

I ask him to stop talking for a few minutes, he tells me he CAN'T!

He stalks me too. Follows me every where. Stands outside the bathroom door. Sits beside me. Or stands beside me. and he talks....and talks.....and talks. 

I might not make it till September. 

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