Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Fun at Dream Night!

Dream Night at the Zoo is always so much fun! I thought I would share some pictures from it! We have been so busy lately with all kinds of activities and family things. I have been so happy to spend some much time with everyone, together, as a family! 

The Baer's and the Paparazzi! LOL Cameras and Video Cameras everywhere!

Little Baer loving his ice cream sandwich!

just thinking....pondering life.  (I wonder if this is the mommy Gorilla who just lost her baby this past week? If so, she is sad and in pain I'm sure!)

Pretty Baby Baer

Checking out the fish!

Pretty the Sting Rays!

Through the Tunnel! :) 

Brother Baer and the Polar Bear!

Dancing with Radio Disney!

Sharing a bite to eat!

So tired! It's dark....I'm pretty sure she hasn't been up this late in a long time! (for fun reasons that is.)

We had a great time! i haven't been doing any great projects or anything lately. Basically we are just enjoying family these days. I'll get back to working and creating someday soon. But for now you will have to enjoy the family time pics! :)

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