Monday, May 23, 2011

Lost in the Madness

*phew* I have been missing now for 10 days. Not to good of a blogger I guess. But Life has somehow found a way to overtake things.
Along the way we made a trip to WV for my mothers Spring Egg Hunt. (Yes weeks after Easter.) and I took my sister and the babies on a road trip to Lynchburg, VA. Fun and exhausting. We were pretty sure at one point we were going to end up in a slasher movie. It was the perfect plot. So we made a plan. We told Little Baer to make sure he took baby Baer and ran when the Wrong Turn 2 crazies came and Mommy and Auntie would fight them off. LOL
But, alas we never were slashed and nothing too exciting happened except I was a movie star for a day. It was totally fun and it went great. Except I didn't get my fresh pinneaple cut in 1 inch squares and didn't get the brown M &M's picked out for me. So, I explained I must renegogiate my contract. HaHa I was told they would double my pay. Which is awesome! 2 x's Zero is well.....Zero. So all is well in the non profit world. LOL
Bike run this past weekend went well and MLH raised some much needed funds. We had a great day and things are good.
Otherwise busy rearranging schedules for the dreaded summer without school. I always think they shouldn't ruin summer with that arrangement. I'd rather have my winter ruined.
Well off to get some exciting things done. Like laundry and yard work. You're jealous. I know. :)

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