Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to my world

So, here we are. A "typical" American Family. Full of craziness and love. Oh but of course there is nothing typical about us, except that we put the function in dysfunction. There is Pappa Baer who works hard and supports, protects and loves his family. Momma Baer (That's me) spends my days cleaning, cooking and loving...oh and organizing therapies, play dates, support groups, raising awareness, advocating, Volunteering full time for Mended Little Hearts and trying not to loose my mind. (Which I'm WELL aware has probably already happened)
There is Brother Baer who is 6. Full of love and spunk. Loves to play outside and believes that I'm his best mom ever (Thankfully his "other" moms aren't so awesome!) Brother Baer has Autism and we spend alot of time trying to put the pieces together for him. He loves baseball and Wii (who doesn't love Wii)
Little Baer is 2 and is the most amazing pure example of LOVE that there is. His smiles, cuddles, and kisses are seriously second to none. There is never a time that he doesn't light up the room and those around him. His belly laughs are to die for. He is a true Warrior and has Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect. He has changed my world. From the day he was born he has been a leader! He is destined to greatness.
There is Baby Baer too! She is 3 months and is my little social butterfly. Smiles and coos and love pours from her soul. She loves to giggle and smile and watches her brothers closely. I'm sure she's learning alot from them. (Probably alot of tricks to tantrums and getting her way....but learning none the less)
And finally there's Goldilocks. She completes our family. She is my first born and is now an amazing young woman. Full time college, full time work, learning to navigate this world on her own and making me proud. (Although there were YEARS that I wasn't sure she would survive, or I would survive, the pay off has been great!) She's a blonde and it shows. Not only in her looks but her amazing way of being funny without even trying. Her plan is of greatness too....She is going to need to take care of me in my old age and lord knows that will be a chore. I don't plan on taking that lightly and I figure I can sit in my wheelchair and use my cane to smack people and laugh...I mean that should be a good payback for giving up the fun now...Right?
Well...that's it! Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy the ride. You might learn something along the way and I promise entertainment as most of our life people would never believe as true.

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