Monday, May 9, 2011

Manic Monday

Mondays are crazy here. And why? Mostly because I do it to myself. You see Monday is the day I always "think" is a good time to schedule things. Or put things off till..."Oh I'll do it Monday" "Yes, Monday works good" on and on I go. Well today I had scheduled 5 appointments. What was I thinking? OT and Speech this morning for Little Baer, along with a Dr appt for myself. Then dinner cooked and laundry done (Remember I'm still commanding that army) and then off for Little Baer and Baby Baer pics and another Dr. Appt for Brother Baer. Home for a quick dinner, bath, Wii (sticker chart reward) and then off to bed for the 3 baers. Then cleaning the rest of the mess up has left me crazy tired.

Good news of the day is that we got some awesome pictures of the little ones. And I can't wait to get them and share!

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