Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Day of Victory and some Funnies

Today we had brother Baer's evaluation for TSS hours in school this year. It's a procedural thing. Once we see the Pyschologist, who says we need a TSS then we can go in front of the Mental Health Board in the county, who aren't doctors, who will listen to us tell her why we need TSS and how bad my kid is so that they can decide if he really needs it. It's a really silly process, likely they will turn us down, but we will try anyways. We have been approved in the past. Having Brother Baer kick the board member probably helped that....Not that I think he should kick people, but...I get kicked everyday and if there was ever a good time to kick someone that might be the time.

I gotta tell you I felt like a real supermom today. Left that meeting without one tear being shed, not one of the three little baers cried, no one yelled, and their office was in one piece when we left. It was amazing. I claimed Victory today! And it felt great.

Anyways....We are in the eval and we are talking and she is asking Brother Baer questions and the conversation went like this:

Do you know what today's date is?

ummm.....Let me think, two days ago was Aug. Aug. 6th, 7th, 8th. Today is Aug.8th.

How did you know that two days ago was Aug 6th?

August 6th,2012 is the day my stupid ass mom took my IPAD, Wii, and DS away from me

Nice,  Real Nice Brother Baer.

On good note, apparently being grounded from all electronics for 5 days has made an impression.


Supermom  - 1
Brother Baer- 0

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