Sunday, August 14, 2011

Freezing Fresh Corn

So, today just happened to not only be Canning day but Corn day too! Here's our journey through the corn madness:
Papa Baer picked 12 dozen this morning while I was canning Salsa. We gave away 3 dozen (With our other gardening friends...We Co-op for some yummy stuff!!)
Then it was time to husk it all.....................
Papa Baer has a system down, husking it and putting it in the water to chill while we finish it all.
On outside job for sure!
Baby Baer hanging out and playing peek a boo watching us work. :)
Once it's all husked and the silk is removed. Let it soak till your ready to blanch it.
This years crop is sweet white corn. YUM E! It's so good.
Start the water boiling on the stove and add salt to it! I use 2 large stock pots so I can blanch 18 ears in each...3 dozen at a time.
Blanch the corn in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. I blnach mine for 5 because my pots are so big that they really never boil. If the water is boiling....blanch them for 3!
Then comes the task of cutting it all off the cob. *sigh* This is a long process. We have a bunch of different tools we have tried but honestly a knife works the best! We do have the pampered chef corn cutter and it works well. But not really any better then a good old fashion knife!
Then bag it up! We bag it in either 2 cups or 4 cup portions. A little of both. 4 cup portions would be for holidays or recipes that call for a large amount. 2 cups for everyday use!
Make sure you let all the air out and seal them up! Then write on them and your done!
Fresh/Frozen corn for the year with no money spent!

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