Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worthy? Or not? That is the question

So, I read the most hurtful thing I have read in a very long time, maybe ever this morning. Denmark is working on eradicating Down Syndrome. And their plan is to eradicate this "illness" by 2030. To read that society sees my child. My flesh. As a problem to eradicate is unspeakably painful. My love, my little amazing son that was born from me, just like his 2 sisters and brother. The one who smiles and warms my heart every single day. The one who loves so unconditionally that everyone who is ever touched by him feels his love. The little boy that will wrap you in his arms and smother you in kisses. The one who is my heart. My love and my soul. Some people....lots of people have considered him unworthy of life. Are you serious?
So....let's play their game. I'll admit that he's hard sometimes. We have some medical issues and we are at the Dr and hospital way more then other kids. he's a burden. OK....well my 6 year old son, who was born "typical" has Autism. And he is a burden sometimes too. So...let's mark him off the worthy list. And teenagers? oh crap they are really hard to deal with. A burden so to mark them off the worthy list too. What about other kids? ones who can't walk? or talk? or hear? or see? The are probably burdensome too so let's mark them off....How about the elderly? Oh they can be burdens too. I mean you have to take extra steps in order to keep them healthy and happy. So...unworthy too. And how about anyone who may get an extended illness or have been in accidents....totally unworthy. Time in the hospital? Extra attention? UGH way to much burden. I guess that anyone who is in need of love and care or attention can be marked off the worthy list.....So now we are down to just the "perfect" looking, acting people with no health issues. *awww* this works. We wouldn't want to have to give anything to people. Or act kind to people just because. I mean....if they aren't giving us something in return. Right? OK....So what about the single moms who are on welfare. Burdens....eradicate them. What about my sister and brother? Well they can be a pain in my ass too. So let's eradicate them too. My pets are sometimes pains too. How about them? worthless?
Who do we have left? Who's the perfect person who isn't in need of love and compassion in their life? Well let's see Jeffrey Daumber was "perfect" wasn't he? When he was born? oh wait.....he was a serial killer. Or is that still worthy? I mean I'm totally confused here at WHO determines worth and WHY it's determined. I'd like to know exactly so that I can understand why my little precious angel isn't considered worthy by society standards.
Thankfully we went to Holland and not Denmark


  1. That's horrible! I can't believe that.

  2. :( I've heard the same comments made about being able to test earlier here. So sad...